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Diseases of the tear apparatus

Punctal stenosis

Punctal stenosis refers to the narrowing or closure of the puncta, which are small openings located at the inner corners of the upper and lower eyelids. These openings allow tears to drain from the eye into the tear drainage system. With stenosis of the lacrimal opening, the normal outflow of tear fluid is disrupted, which leads to excessive tearing. It can be caused by scarring, inflammation, infections, or aging.

Excessive tearing and a watery or runny eye.

Treatment is a surgical procedure called punctoplasty to open up the narrowed or closed puncta and restore normal tear drainage.



Lacrimal duct stenosis

Lacrimal duct stenosis refers to the narrowing or blockage of the lacrimal ducts, which are the channels that drain tears from the eyes into the nose. When these ducts become stenotic, tears cannot drain properly, leading to excessive watering, eye discomfort and, in some cases, recurrent eye infections. Lacrimal duct stenosis can occur due to congenital factors, aging, trauma, or inflammation.

Excessive tearing, eye discomfort, and even recurrent eye infections.

Treatment options may include tear duct probing, where a thin instrument is used to open up the narrowed duct, or the placement of a temporary or permanent stent to keep the duct open. In severe cases, surgical intervention may be required to reconstruct or bypass the affected duct.